Green Initiatives

Green INitiatives

Green Initiatives

Egg Harbor is proud to be the first Green Tier Legacy Community in Door County!

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Egg Harbor was the first community in Door County to become a Green Tier Legacy Community. We are committed to continuous improvement for our environment, economy, and quality of life throughout our village, county, and state.

Our efforts were recognized in 2020 when we received the Governor’s Tourism Stewardship Award for promoting sustainable practices within the community. The award was in response to the implementation of many new programs to our area, including a free bike-share system, public seed library, solar energy in the village, and new recycling containers and electric car-charging stations.

We have made a promise to our residents and visitors that we are committed to continuously improving our community and beyond.

Here are a few other ways Egg Harbor is committed to sustainability:

Donald and Carol Kress Pavilion
A hub of community activity, the Donald and Carol Kress Pavilion is home to the Egg Harbor Library. The Kress has four car-charging stations, and beginning in summer of 2021, will use solar energy to offset the building’s power use. In addition, patrons can enjoy fitness and art classes year-round, along with educational and sustainable-living programs.

Eggy Bike Share Program
Egg Harbor is committed to alternative travel throughout the village. In 2017, the Eggy Bike Share concept was born, with bike-share racks dotting the village streets for car-free travel. By getting people on bikes and out of their cars, we encourage locals and visitors alike to have a healthy experience for themselves and the environment.

No Mow May
In 2021, the Village of Egg Harbor began participating in No Mow May! Lawn signs were made in the Maker Space at the Kress Pavilion for those participating: “Pardon the weeds, we are feeding the bees!”

No Mow May is designed to support and cultivate the local bee populations by allowing them to access the pollen-bearing plants and flowers they need to survive and thrive. Bees and other pollinators contribute to a healthy ecosystem and increase biodiversity.

Municipal Compost Site
In 2020, the Village added food waste to its accepted items at the Egg Harbor compost site. This year, the Village will grow the program by offering compost pick up from restaurants and food-service businesses. By diverting food waste, brush, and yard debris from landfills, the program helps to make healthy soil for residents and avoid the creation of harmful greenhouse gases.

Striving to Be Plastic Free
A popular project and long-term goal for the Village of Egg Harbor is to be Styrofoam and single-use plastic free. The Green Tier Task Force has the resources to inform businessowners about alternatives to petroleum-based plastic products.

Traditional plastic products are toxic to wildlife and continue to pollute our Great Lakes. Plant-based compostable products are much safer for our environment and will naturally decompose in landfills within a few weeks. We want our businesses to make the switch to compostable products so we can maintain a healthy community and thriving ecosystem.
Green Tier is a voluntary program that recognizes and rewards environmental performance “that voluntarily exceeds legal requirements related to health, safety and the environment resulting in continuous improvement in this state’s environment, economy, and quality of life.”
Resolution 2017-17 was passed in August 2017 and approved Village participation in the Green Tier Legacy Community framework.
The Green Tier Community framework includes six categories:
•Health  •Energy  •Waste  •Land  •Water & Sewer  •Transportation
The Village of Egg Harbor is required to submit an annual report to Green Tier at the Department of Natural Resources.  This report consists of accomplishments, in-progress projects, and other future ideas.  

For more information, visit: Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies